All is Energy Academy

All is energy; you create your own world, positive thoughts, joy, happiness, love, honesty, fairness, humor, but also negative thoughts, anger, irritability, aggression, impatience, fear e.a.
Everything has a vibration, everything is energy.

What energy do we choose? What do we focus on? What makes us happy, from what do we get energy?
All is Energy Academy organizes workshops  where working with energy is central, in the widest possible sense.

Dutch and foreign speakers and trainers will give inspiring workshops, seminars, courses and lectures about: 

Personal and Intuitive Development, Health, Art of Living, Nutrition,  Success, Happiness, Spirituality,
'Animal welfare, Animal Behaviour and Animal communication & Healing.

For more detailed information: see ”Agenda” or click here.

Hope to see you. Get connected & Be inspired !