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Your thoughts create your reality- Interview with Hay House Author Pam Grout

Your thoughts create your reality: True or False
New York’ s best-selling author Pam Grout writes in her books E2 -E3  about Manifesting Magic and Miracles 
Everything is energy…Positive thinking…Your thoughts create your reality…. 
How do we change our less positive thoughts? How can we connect with the  Energy of Abundance ,the Energy of Peace and the Energy of Love ? 
In my almost 54 years on planet Earth I have bought a lot of books about these subjects: some of them I have read and some of them are staring at me from my big bookcases. Books from authors like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer,  Dan Millman, Deepak Chopra, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Napoleon Hill, Brian Roet , Gerard G. Jampolansky and a lot more.  Yes, for sure I could start a second hand bookshop right at home.
Still I want to know more about the subject of connecting with the field of possibilities. There is so much information, so many books that sometimes I could not see the forest for the trees.
‘Universe, I want to know more about Energy, find me a book that is easy to read’.  That’s what I said out loud one day almost 2 years ago. The next day my best friend Ria came to visit me and gave me E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout. Wow!! A very fast delivery indeed! 
 I was so overwhelmed! What if everything I wanted to manifest would manifest itself as easy as that !
But of course it didn’t…. Or did it?  I performed just four experiments at that time and then my father died and I stopped reading and doing positive things. 
Still, Pam’s book had had a great impact on me and I wanted to try again and reread E2, bought her second book in English and yes, I was hooked again!
The first experiment went great:  I asked for a present and in 48 hours there it was: a close friend invited me for lunch and gave me another wonderful present for no reason . What a surprise ! For the second experiment I asked the universe to show me a Pink Heart. Well, after 48 hours, still no pink heart!
But then, some 48 hours later, I was standing on my terrace and looked directly into a velvet Pink heart! It was here all the time ! Five minutes later I noticed another pinkish heart in a newspaper picture which was lying on my table, this too was there all the time! When I started the experiment and thought about a pink heart I did not have the image of a specific object in or outside my house in mind.
What I learnt from this experience is that all is present already. You just have to see it and connect with it!
You can imagine that I was and still am very enthusiastic but I also had a lot of questions.
What if Pam Grout could answer these questions… yes, that would be wonderful! 
And she did, which was great because now these questions are out of my busy, inquisitive head and onto the world wide web: 
How can you train yourself to make the above mentioned experience happen? 
Pam: “Training would probably be the wrong word. We do need to “train” ourselves, I suppose, to concentrate on blessings and miracles. It’s like working any muscle—getting used to seeing things in a different way when you’ve been looking at them amiss. In E-Squared, I compared it to housebreaking a puppy. You just keep taking it (your mind) outside and showing it a different reality.”
But the reason I probably would use a different word now (rather than train) is because training sounds onerous. Practicing gratitude is the most natural thing in the world—it’s an easy way of living. And part of our problem is we’ve made everything so DIFFICULT. Life isn’t supposed to be difficult. Our mental architecture insists that it is, but it’s not. It’s so easy. So that’s why I’d use a different word than “train.” I suggest that people make the experiments fun. Play around with them. Enjoy themselves. Approach it as if it’s a game. We are way too serious, all the time. Lightening up brings in magic.
What is your advice on stopping sabotaging yourself? 
Pam: “The best way to stop sabotaging yourself is to get on a different frequency. I know this sounds vague, but I call it the joy and gratitude frequency. When you’re on that particular wavelength, things show up in a whole different way. When you’re in a grumpy mood or a ‘this can’t work for me’ mood, you literally cannot see all the blessings that you’re already hooked up to. My suggestion is always to start focusing on gratitude, on how much you’re blessed. If you can’t think of anything, go general—something like ‘wow, free liquid falls from the sky (AKA ) rain’ and the sun comes up every morning and I don’t have to make that happen. From a tiny seed of gratitude, you can grow any reality.”
What is your biggest success -greatest outcome of an experiment? 
Pam: “I have heard so many stories. As for the biggest in my own life, I don’t know that I can name just one. My whole life is an experiment in gratitude and allowing the universe to bless me. I notice when I listen to the voice in my own head that, I’ve discovered doesn’t really have my best interests at heart, I don’t notice all the good. Static covers my joy and abundance. But I do know that anytime I need money, it shows up. Anytime I need anything, it shows up.
My main intentions are peace of mind, surety of purpose, clear, unmistakable guidance and unceasing joy. I feel the universe delivers that every day. “
Do you believe anyone can do every experiment anytime anywhere and succeed?  What about Karma? 
Pam: “I feel we make our own karma and I also think there’s a lot more going on than what we see with our little pea brain. I’ve often compared it to a pointillist painting. When you step back, you realize the beautiful painting that is your life. Sometimes when you’re “too close,” gazing at something that seems impossible, you can’t see it’s gift. 
As for whether anyone can do every experiment anytime, anywhere and succeed, I would say YES! as long as they’re open to receiving their good and as long as that is THEIR good. If it would get in the way of an even higher good, it’s possible that the universe will protect them from getting that “thing” they think they want that wouldn’t be in their best interest. But yes, I feel these experiments and principles work for everyone. “ 
A lot of people want to grow rich. What is your experience with manifesting financial independency? 
Pam: “I have always chosen to feel abundant. And I have chosen to be financially independent. Sometimes, in practical realities, some would suggest it wasn't manifesting. But I continued to believe that abundance (of all kinds) was my Divine right, that abundance is the universe’s plan for everyone. And now, with the success of E-Squared, I have abundance out the wazoo. I always did, but now I have it in spades.”
We all want love and to be in a wonderful relationship. How do you manifest the right partner when you are alone or the right relationship when you are together. What is your experience? 
Pam: “I always believe in focusing on what you want to be true. We animate into our lives whatever we place our attention upon. If you want love, focus on love. If you want a right relationship, look for ways your relationships are right. You will see whatever you choose to focus upon. Here’s a blog post I wrote for Valentine’s Day on love:
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