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Workshops Dierencommunicatie Juni 2013

On Sunday morning the weather gods had blessed us with lots of rain while we were inside
But we could practise trance healing, stay in the StroHuis and at one o clock could have a bite
Incredible to see that this "new"group of participants found direct connection amongst each other
it seems almost we were like a family; sisters, brothers and Helen DaVita as our mother -;))
We also had a shamanic weather goddess in our midst and yes
the sun was coming out after lunch , what a bless!
Working with the horses again took our breath away
wonderful experiences: dancing together Monic and DJ,
Easy giving healing and Step giving and receiving love again
There is no limit to what animals can 
and then...
we open ourselves, we connect with them
and love will flow 
and we all shall grow....


This was a special weekend that will stay in my heart forever. So many dedicated people and animals. It is perfect harmony for all:) May the good work continue with the guidance of the visionary Kara, who brought us all together x

I thought it was a very nice day. It was very well organized, yet relaxed with Helen. A good atmosphere and it was fun that your cat and dog worked with us.
Highlight working with different horses

A lot became clear after “reading”the picture of Rapido ;I can understand him better. One thing that came up and I have tried was that he had not enough space in the outdoor arena ( I always divided it into half , so there would be no need for me to walk in the heavy sand a lot. I divided the arena with a rope. On Sunday I did not use the rope anymore and was anxious to see how he would react. He used the whole arena in the first place but later he stayed with me and looked happy. I am lunging him without bridle and lunge. A great experience. This is just a small example but with great impact.
Best wishes, Anneke
P.s I learned a lot and feel more secure now

Recently I did this great workshop with Helen DaVita in beautiful Hoenderloo. It was an inspiring day and beautiful being together with many nice colleagues. Helen is English (with the typical British wit )and besides animal communicator and healer a medium too. Another deepening of our profession!
The highlight for me was being with Kaleigh, a Shetland pony. She had a few words of wisdom in store for me, haha! I will think back about it regularly. For me, another reminder that animals look straight into your heart because Kaleigh knew exactly what advice I needed;-)
The day was very well organized ,really great, by Kara Blok from All is Energy Academy, thank you Kara! Greetings Symone www.communiceren-with-dieren.nl

What a marvellous day it was: the workshop by Helen DaVita. I so intensely enjoyed myself and learned so much! Again meeting many nice people and others finally seen them "in real life".Thank you, Kara, for organizing this workshop, it was a special day........ what do I say ...... it was a golden day!

Hi Kara,
I had the privilege to be part of the Workshop Communication with Animals , your first workshop.
A life changing experience!
A whole new world opens up, such a possibilities. I really advise this workshop, a “must”for everyone!
Thank you for the professional organization by Kara Blok and good care by Ria van der Pot-Roobol and Corrie Boon.
And also thanks to the great Helen Da Vita, who opened the door to this new world for me.
It was just a great experience, where everything was just how is should be: The energy of the location, the people and especially the animals. Our great teachers.
Give them all a big hug from me. And an extra kiss for Step and Balou.

Once again thank you very much for the harmonious and wonderful organized day. Only now I understand that this also is very, very important. You can invite a very good teacher to give a workshop but when the environment is not pleasant and the food and drinks are of bad quality or not available it will change your total feeling about the course. Chapeau! and thank you very much! Carry Bloklander

I enjoyed these 2 days very much: super days. Well it is always nice to work with animals.
And Helen gave me some more tools to work with and I learned to understand the animals better. I think Helen is a real fantastic person and medium. I am already practising at home. Thanks for your presence and together with the help of your friend and mother we were able to work in a very nice and warm environment.

I had a fun but mostly educational day during the workshop Communicate with animals Advanced by Helen DaVita. I received beautiful words from the horses and learned wonderful things about how to deepen the level of communication. I enjoyed being with the horses, cat Baloe and dog Diesel but also with the other nice and enthusiastic participants. There was beautiful energy around us to feel. Thank you Kara Blok for this great day, everything had been taken care of wonderfully and all was so well organized.
Greetings from Angelic www.praktijkmanipura.nl

Hi, I just loved this workshop :). Helen is a great tutor with a lot of passion for what she teaches. It was great to experience how much information you can get by a photo of an animal.

And the icing on the cake was indeed 'dancing' with the beautiful horse named DJ, how well he responded to me, I loved every moment!

Thanks Kara and Helen for a great time, I learned a lot.

Greetz... Monic www.butterflysound.org

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